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Postnatal Exercise Class (english)
PEC-1595 | Postnatal Exercise Class using the Cantienica Method, in person course
09.01.2023 - 19.12.2023
  • Dienstag 12:00 - 13:00
Kursleitung: Katrin O´Malley

Kosten: 150 €, 8 sessions each 60 mins long. Your insurance might reimburse you with 80 €. But, I highly recommended to check with your insurance beforehand. You will receive a participation statement and or invoice whatever your insurance requires.


Please visit www.mamoberlin.de for more info. 

For registering for any class with me, please use https://www.eversports.de/s/midwife-in-berlin-katrin-omalley



Pregnancy and birth can leave you with scaring.

Sometimes they are visible and other times they are not.

A perineal tear, an episiotomy, a C-section, hours and hours of labour. 

It does take time to feel home in your own, new body.


Postnatal exercises can be a step on your way forward, moving as you feel it is okay for you and getting active again after birth.

I teach the Cantienica Method and my goal is to support you on this path.

No clinging, pulling together and/or „elevator games“.

We take your whole body into account and work on aligning and stabilizing you after birth.

From your toes up to the crown of your head.


Each class we focus on one special part of your body and accompany this new found inside into the exercises of the day.

If you are 6-8 weeks after a vaginal birth, 10 weeks after a C-section you can start workin with me.


My Cantienica class can help you with:

  • getting to know your new body
  • and all the layers of your pelvic floor
  • bringing your organs back to where they where, before pregnancy
  • and/or prevent you from incontinence
  • and your organs from dropping
  • back and neck pain


Cami had to say following:

„I enjoyed our session a lot and I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate effects on my lower back. 

I've tried so many things: Yoga, Pilates, relaxation. That's the first time I feel such a release in the sacrum area.“