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Body-oriented childbirth Workshop
BCW-514 | Excercises & postures for parents to be
  • Sonntag 10:00 - 13:00

  • Sonntag, 22.03.2020 - 10:00 - 13:00

Kursleitung: Diana Hundius

Kosten: 100€ /couple fee - (67€ only woman fee) - It includes snacks and documentation, which you will get per email.

Body-oriented childbirth Workshop

This Workshop is a very recommended body-based complement to your standard childbirth class!

You will learn what you can to do for an easier birth with practical and detailed body preparation to help the baby navigate through the pelvis.  You will learn exercises and techniques that practiced daily, will make birth easier, safer and less painful.

Did you know that babies have a very important and active role during labor? — Mums job is to dilate; and your baby’s job is to rotate! Babies must navigate through your pelvis to be born. This workshop is an ideal opportunity to learn techniques to help bring balance to your body and address any restrictions in your pelvis in order to make birth easier.

Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help make room for baby. After this class, you will better understand how your baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful.

Nature has perfectly created our female bodies to give birth in a safe and natural way. But today’s modern civilization often leads to muscular disbalance, what may cause difficulties during pregnancy and labor.

Mixing midwifery values with modern body balancing, this innovative exercises return the muscles and joints of the pelvis into its natural, healthy balance.
The baby gets more room so it can easier flip and engage into the optimal birthing position.

You will learn exercises to open the pelvis, help the baby to engage and make labor easier and safer.

For whom?

• for every pregnant couple with more than 15 weeks of pregnancy.
• parents with breech or transverse babies are wellcome.

Start sooner than later!

Diana Hundius
certified body-worker
certified Doula
mother of 2 boys