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Cantienica Training while being pregnant (english)
CTP-1598 | Cantienica Training while being pregnant, in person course
17.05.2022 - 19.12.2023
  • Dienstag 10:30 - 11:30

Kosten: 90 € / 5 classes, some insurances might contribute some to this class. But I can’t promise. So, I kindly ask you, to check in with your insurance BEFORE you sign on. Preparation is key. Of course, you will receive an invoice and/ or participation sta

Current status (08/22): we kindly ask you for a voluntary COVID-19 test each time you attend the course. Self-Test or Testing Center, that is up to you.

We reserve the right to have the course take place online if we consider the infection risk to be too high, if the Berlin Corona Ordinance prohibits us from attending the face-to-face course or if the course instructor herself cannot offer a face-to-face course.



Ongoing class, you can join as soon as you are pregnant and when you feel it is time.

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The Cantienica Methode gives you the opportunity to start where you are and continue from there.

You do you. 

The idea is to align yourself, from your toes to your head and exactly in this order. Not head to toe.

We’d love to get you away from the ground, as in feeling lighter, more stabile -  the crown of your head is lifting you upwards and your pelvic floor has to hold less. 

I invite you, to take the time for yourself and practice the Cantienica Methode, once a week, with me.

Work with the many layers your changing body has to offer.


We will be sitting, standing and laying. We might use a stretchy band and or a ball and we will breath together.

Preparing you as good as possible for your upcoming birth.

I want to give you the opportunity to turn your attention inwards and just be.


This class is for you, if:

- you’re pregnant

- you want to move while being pregnant

- want to work on your flexibility and your strength

- try something new


Maybe you’re experiencing following aches and pains:

- incontinence

- you can feel your pelvic floor and not in a good way

- your symphysis bone is hurting while walking and or moving

- you have haemorrhoids

- neck and / or back pain and pelvis pain